So, what do you do?


I’m a 33-year-old creative artist and entrepreneur from the Greater Pittsburgh area that specializes in small business development, content creation, and business operations. I juggle many different projects in order to both make a living and satisfy an internal urge to constantly stay busy. It would probably be really great to have one solid job that allows me to be productive, but until then, here I am.

In addition to freelance design and business work, I am the founder of Wild Native, co-founder and editor of Pittsburgh Moto, designer at American Muscle Docks, and operations director at Wild Native Photography. In the recent past, I was business manager of The Collective Quarterly and the co-founder and operations director of Charcoal Agency and Charcoal Book Club. Before all of that I managed a motorcycle shop and ran a company that manufactured motocross performance parts.

If you want to connect, please reach me by email or social media. I am always open to new opportunities.